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Thinking Of Starting Collecting?

So, you thinking of starting collecting autographs? You have come to the right place 

The best way to get started is make a list of who you want to send to. Then do your research, if  they sign through the mail, Address and so on......

I  have already mentioned has been extremely helpful.

Step 1 Decide who you want to send to, i will pick someone at random for an example so here goes.... Will Ferrell.

Step 2 As i mentioned before do your research, find out if he signs through the mail (i suggest and if he or she does then get the address. If the person you are after doesn't sign TTM, then look if they are currently filming a movie(IMDB is good for filming updates.) If he is filming a movie then you could try and find a film set address. 

Step 3 Write a the letter, you could type it but i think that it more personal and means more if you handwrite it. Always be polite, and remember to say please and thank you. Make sure you don't suck up to the person you are writing to for example. If i use my random celebrity "Will Ferrell" Just say that you think he is brilliant at what he does and tell him why you like him and what movies you like that he has been in and what are your favourite bits. If possible try and include something interesting and personal, for example when i wrote to Ryan Giggs ( a footballer) i told him that my favourite goal he scored was against Juventus and it was on my birthday and i told him the story of how we had to rush back to see the game on TV.

Step 4  What to send or request. You can either ask them to send you a signed photo or you can send your own. I pretty much always send my own items to be signed. I get all my photos from google images, and i print them out. I have also sent quite a few dvd sleeves out, make sure you only send the sleeve and not the case because it will bump up the price of postage. Most celebrities have photos that they can send you anyway, but they are not all that great.

Step 5 Now that you have the address, letter done and photo printed? you can send your request but, maybe the most important thing is a SASE (self addresses stamped envelope). With any request you should sent a SASE so that all the celebrity has to do is sign the photo and put it in you SASE and post it. But if you are sending to another country for example USA (because i am from England) which i do alot, then you need either IRC'S (International reply coupons) or dollars to cover the postage back. I tend to send dollars but i have sent IRC'S before.

Step 6 Be patient, remember these people are very busy so it could take a while for them to reply. Average time is maybe anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months in my opinion?

I hope this guide helps.




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